1. broom brush should be dense, not too sparse, too sparse ground sweep not clean, leakage of ash.
2. Brush can not be too hard, soft, and to force.
Some broom brushes hard, sweeping the ground without bending a little, dust and garbage can not sweep up.
3. broom head to be able to move, can turn 180 °, easy to reach under various crevices, such as under the sofa, under the bed, the long hidden garbage swept out.
4. mop brush can not lose hair.

1. Look at the broom head: the head of the broom directly determines the cleaning effect of the broom, good cleaning effect of the broom, the head should be more dense, can not have sparse parts of the existence, and arranged more neatly, can not have obvious fork, curl phenomenon, otherwise it will be easy to dust, dirt leakage, cleaning effect is poor.
2. Look at the connection: when buying a broom, we have to see whether the connection between the broom head and handle is strong, you can hold the ends with your hands, stretching, twisting a try to see if there is a loose situation, if there is that the broom is likely to be used for a short time will appear bad.
3. Look at the workmanship: when buying a broom, we have to carefully check whether the handle of the broom moth, cracked or dented, but also to try to use whether the smooth, many poor quality broom design problems, the use of people do not feel smooth, after the hand tug the broom head, to see whether the situation of hair, if the hair means that the quality is poor.

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